Some links I have found interesting, informative and useful.  If you know of any links you feel are worthy of inclusion I would love to consider including them here.  Just drop me a line.  Of course use all information with discretion.  Most important, do no harm to others or yourself.  Enjoy!

Hypnosis General Interest
Dave Elman  Perhaps the greatest hypnotist of all time
National Guild of Hypnotists - The world's largest hypnosis professional organization
Don Mottin  A source of positive inspiration and creativity in the application of Hypnosis
Gerald Kein - Any mention of the NGH wouldn't be complete without Jerry
Medical Hypnosis and Cancer  Hypnosis and applications addressing the immune system.  
Rapid Induction  Rapid induction demonstration by Cal Banyan
Robet Otto  Very dynamic speaker and expert in the field of hypnosis

Miley Cyrus - The Climb   Uplifting and inspirational music video.  
Numa Numa Dance   YouTube clip that is the rage.  

Let's Dance - Rockaway   Rockaway in Rockaway NJ.  Enjoyable fun, fitness and friends.  Go out and get some exercise.  
Evacuate the Dance Floor   Line Dance for energetic fun and fitness.  See more at the link to Let's Dance.  
Young Again Products   Nutrition, supplemnets and information.  Roger Mason is outspoken, but appears well researched.

Get Involved
Peter Schiff's Blog , Schiff for Senate   A spokesman for sanity in government and the economy.
Ron Paul   Congressman working to preserve the freedoms and principals on which America was founded.

Your Money
Free Stock Charting  Cool stock charting for free.  Worden brothers are great
Investors Business Daily  Newspaper - paper and electronic with comprehensive charts and tables

Useful Information  Need to convert from one unit of measure to another.  It is probably here.

Classic Rock
A collection of vintage classic rock  

EarthCam - A collection of video cams
Daily Bikini - Probably not what you were thinking.  Useful launchpad for you day.
UFO - UFOs for real?  Maybe.
Magic - Fun with magic.
Sam Kinison on Letterman - Sam tells it his own way.  Sam we miss you.  
Drive In Theater - Drive in theaters; remember them?
Rupert Sheldrake - Science off the beaten path.  Truly fascinating - Morphic Resonance.  His book on dogs' psychic powers is fascinating.
Bottle Music on Letterman - Very unusual?
Funny presentation demo - If thought you had a bad day, watch this video

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