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Hypnosis addresses the cause of your weight problem, which may be ignored by other techniques, such as fad diets.  The weight loss session is an individualized program, which seeks to discover the underlying issues in the sub-conscious that cause the client to put on weight.  This sometimes involves an imprint from a past experience of which the client has no conscious recollection.  Regression techniques used during hypnosis are very effective at uncovering these. 
In the US most of the time we eat not out of hunger, but rather for other reasons including boredom, depression, anxiety, reward, consolation, celebration, security, companionship etc.  The program identifies the basis of the problem for each client, and then synthesizes a custom program for gaining control over eating habits and activity level. 
Unless underlying issues have been addressed, the creative part of our mind will find a way to defeat attempts at diet and exercise.  An effective strategy is presented that will ensure the client's success.
While a typical weight loss program may involve 4 to 6 sessions, there should be immediate results after the first session.  

Contact: doug@hypnotichorizons.com