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The following fees apply for services rendered.

$120 - Regular Office Visit - Approximately 1 hour
$150 - First Office Visit approximately 90 minutes

$150 - Single session stop smoking approximately 90 minutes

$400 - 4 session weight management program (if paid in full at the conclusion of the 2nd visit.)

$110 - Any session for age 18 or younger


Satisfactory resolution of issues involves a commitment on the part of the client.  If the client possesses the "want power" to achieve their objective, the wide range of skills offered by the Hypnotist gained through extensive training and experience will typically produce excellent results.  If there is a need to refer a client for some other type of treatment based on the Hypnotist's observations, this is done as early in the process as possible.  All clients will learn self hypnosis, providing a durable skill for dealing with the stresses of daily life and the ability to internalize self suggestions for positive change..  In working with a physical condition of any type, a referral from a licensed medical doctor is required.  While there cannot be a guarantee of any specific result, as in any treatment of human behavior, the Hypnotist is committed to provide a satisfactory experience for each client.

Contact: doug@hypnotichorizons.com